Background – In the beginning…

I was never the girl who dreamed about my wedding, in fact, I was not even sure that I would meet someone who I would connect with to develop a permanent relationship. So, with that being said, I decided to follow my career and accepted a position in Kalamazoo, knowing it would not be the greatest dating scene. Who would have ever thought… this is where I would meet my future husband?

For about a year I heard about a great guy named Robin, but we never were in the same place at the same time. When I finally met him, I knew immediately he was the one. I want to say that this was a mutual feeling, but he would never give me the satisfaction of admitting it to me. Yet I digress…

We fell in love in that romantic way everyone dreams about. We took a road trip to our friends’ wedding in PA, we got drunk, danced, acted stupid, underwent minor surgical procedure to remove splinter from my foot and voila… the rest was history.

Robin and I were very compatible. We shared the same humor, values, politics, religion, and norms. He had a way of being supportive and building up my confidence. He gave me that can-do attitude which allowed me to pursue my dreams. He also provided the comic relief. He made me laugh everyday with his sarcasm, quick wit, and break-dancing moves (different story for another day). Our relationship was a nice balance of enjoying time together and honoring each other’s space.

When we became parents that was the happiest and scariest time of our lives. Our daughter Isabelle quickly developed into a mini-Robin. Not only did she look like him but shared many other similarities such as her need to debate, preferences for food and frustration over my constant need to talk about our feelings.

When Isabelle was little, we agreed that Robin would stay at home, and I would continue working. Needless to say, Isabelle and Robin were awfully close, and he was involved with her school, our community and serving as her Uber driver.

No story would be complete without mentioning our three pugs. Robin was the only guy in the house of all gals. As one would expect, he had them wrapped around his finger and his day was never complete without mandatory face licking and pug love.

So that is a quick overview of our life together, it was good, we were a team and I thought we would grow old together. We talked about seeing Isabelle off to college and retiring with our friends in a warmer climate. I teased him that he was going be a mean old man. He told me that the grandkids would love him, and he would be their favorite. We always had fun back and forth banter with one another.

I am thankful to have him in my life for almost 24 years and to raise our daughter together. Unfortunately, growing old together is not an option anymore. One thing I know for sure, Robin would want us to continue, move forward and live our life. He may not be with us in body, but I know he is with us. Thanks to him for providing me a great life and I hope he gives me the strength to create our new future.

I am using this blog to share my experiences, receive cheap therapy through writing and hopefully help others along the way. I hope I can provide some insight as well as a few laughs… let’s see where this takes us….

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