July 23, 2018

Robin and I had been enjoying a nice summer together while Isabelle went off at camp. We were reconnecting and spending more time together as a couple. We went out were with friends, and started binge watching Homeland and just having a good time.

In the week prior, Robin felt like he had the flu or food poisoning. He was achy and just a little off. Maybe, I had sympathy pain as I did not feel great either and we spent a sick day together. As the week continued, he began to feel better, but I noticed he really had no appetite. I called his doctor to discuss my observations. We decided that would bring Robin to see the doctor on Monday, July 23rd.

Robin seemed better on Sunday, more energy and functional. He was up and about. In the early evening, I noticed he was a bit short of breadth, but he reassured me he was fine. I made him dinner and put him to bed early. I later joined him, but he was restless, and I needed a little sleep. I moved to the spare bedroom across the hall and left the door open to listen for him. I finally fell asleep around 2 am or so and woke at 6:20 a.m. I went to check on Robin and he was laying there peacefully. I called his name, tried to nudge him up and then checked his pulse – I knew he was gone.

Robin was my world and although his exit was much too soon, he did it with class. He looked like he may have woken up and was playing with his iPad as it laid next to him. I hope he had no pain and was not scared. It brings me comfort knowing he was relaxing with a fun game.

I will leave this as a cliff hanger for a future blog post but let’s just say it involves many mystery charges from iTunes which initially I thought to be credit card fraud. Let’s just say I should have owned stock in Angry Bird….

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