Decisions In A Split Second

Robin had passed away on Monday morning and the rest of the day was a blur.  All I know is that my family convened quickly to support me.  Thank goodness for my brother who quickly got the word out to all our friends and extended family.  I summoned my best friends from Atlanta, Chicago (and of course here in MI) to come immediately as I knew I would need them.  Isabelle, my daughter,  was on her way home a week early from camp having to endure a half of day of travel.  Communication quickly traveled and I started hearing from everyone all over the country.

It is customary in the Jewish faith to have bury the dead quickly.  Needless to say,  I was at the funeral home that afternoon having to make big decisions quickly.  I will hand it to Dorfman Chapel as they had a very easy process to follow. It felt like building a burrito at Chipotle.  What day did I want the funeral Wednesday or Thursday;  What time morning or afternoon; Limo or no limo and yada yada yada.  Next choice was the casket,  I walked into a room with many options but I quickly cut to chase; do you have a double wide?  My husband was a big guy and I want him to be comfortable.  Luckily, there were only two choices – light or dark wood.  I polled the family and we went with the light wood.

Jon from Dorfman also introduced a new offering –  jewelry with your loved one’s fingerprint.  I was horrified and asked if anyone has purchased this new item.  He shared with me that he had resisted for years, but it was a very popular choice.  OMG this reminded me of when I put my dog to sleep and they made a plaque with his little paw.  We still have it in a box somewhere cause we did not know what to do with it.  Anyways not pertinent to the story.  All I know,  Robin would have been creeped out if I was wearing a dog tag necklace of his fingerprint.   See there is some humor even in the darkest of times… more to come.




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