Decisions In A Split Second

Robin had passed away on Monday morning and the rest of the day was a blur. All I know is that my family convened quickly to support me. Thank goodness for my brother who immediately got the word out to all our friends and extended family. I summoned my best friends from Atlanta, Chicago (and of course here in MI) to join me as I knew I would need them. Isabelle, my daughter, was on her way home a week early from camp having to endure a half of day of travel. Communication traveled fast and I began hearing from everyone all over the country.

It is customary in the Jewish faith to have bury the dead quickly. Needless to say, I was at the funeral home that afternoon having to make big decisions. I will hand it to Dorfman Chapel as they had an extremely easy process to follow. It felt like building a burrito at Chipotle. What day did I want the funeral Wednesday or Thursday; What time morning or afternoon; Limo or no limo and yada yada yada. Next choice was the casket, I walked into a room with several options, but I cut to the chase; do you have a double wide? My husband was a big guy and I want him to be comfortable. Luckily, there were only two choices – light or dark wood. I polled the family, and we went with the light wood.

Jon from Dorfman also introduced a new offering – jewelry with your loved one’s fingerprint. I was horrified and asked if anyone has purchased this latest item. He shared with me that he had resisted for years, but it was in fact extremely popular. OMG this reminded me of when I put my dog to sleep, and they made a plaque with his little paw. We still have it in a box somewhere because we did not know what to do with it. Anyways not pertinent to the story. All I know, Robin would have been creeped out if I was wearing a dog tag necklace of his fingerprint. See there is a little humor even in the darkest of times… more to come…

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