The Funeral – Part 2 – The Man the Legend

As I mentioned in previous blog posts,  I really wanted Robin’s funeral to be special (that sounds weird but true). I owed it to him to ensure it captured his personality and keep it as uplifting as possible.  Doug, Robin’s longtime best friend, was up first and he did not disappoint.  He spoke to Robin’s accomplishments at IUSB in Student Government and reminisced about their time at Sears.  Doug delivered the eulogy with grace, purpose and humor.

Rabbi Yedwab was up next, and I was a little nervous because truth be told, he did not know Robin.  A few nights early,  he met with my family to learn a little bit more about Robin.  There were about ten of us throwing out random stories and disparate memories about Robin.  Rabbi Yedwab typed up some notes and I thought… oh boy not sure this is going to be that fabulous.

Ok, getting back to the eulogy, the Rabbi delivered an amazing tribute about Robin.  He intertwined all our thoughts and turning it into an incredible story of  “the man behind two great women.”  It was brilliant and supported something I always suspected…  I did marry a  rock star!!

In the past, I would compliment Robin every so often by telling him things like; you are so smart, incredible, or handsome and he would reply “I KNOW.”  The funny part is that he sincerely believed it.   I would laugh and tell him he was conceited, or it would be nice to get a reciprocal compliment.  He would never give me the satisfaction as he liked to screw with me.  It did not matter, we liked the banter back and forth.  All I know is  I was incredibly lucky to have him even if it was cut short.

After the service, I received many nice comments ranging from… I wish I had known him better he sounds great or his friends’ sharing stories that reinforced the eulogies. The online community who watched the service, provided positive feedback and blow by blow commentary on Facebook.  Doug received rave reviews with  many “Likes” and “Loves” emojis.  Poke poke (outdated FB functionality – to let people know you are thinking of them)… excellent job… we declare this one a win.

2 thoughts on “The Funeral – Part 2 – The Man the Legend

  1. Risa, i watch the service from the live stream and was touched to tears. Doug and the Rabbi delivered heartfelt, superb tributes. Even Robin would have stayed awake. Your goals for the service were achieved.



    1. Thanks so much – Magnes – we must get together sometime – it’s been too long – we can cry about Brandi and Robin together – hard to believe – I hope they are having fun together


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