Shiva Confusion

It was so great to have everyone attend Robin’s funeral.  The one thing I did not think through was that many of our friends are not Jewish and didn’t understand the Shiva protocol.  Basically, after the funeral, family and friends are invited back to the house to hang out and comfort each other.  We sat Shiva for a few nights which included dinner and a short religious service. Unfortunately, the Shiva concept was misunderstood by most of our guests and became a real gap in our hospitality.  In hindsight,  I should have had a third speaker like my friend Stuart who could have decoded the mysteries behind the Jewish funeral and host an open question and answer session.  It would have definitely improved attendance later in the day.

I had anticipated that there would be a lot of guests for lunch and being the girl I am, must have enough food.  Unfortunately, there was mass confusion after the funeral concluded  and our friends did not know to come back to the house.  Needless to say,  we had tuna fish, egg salad  and other leftovers coming out of our ears.

No Shiva would be complete without an endless amount of  desserts and fruit trays.  One night when we hit a slow patch and moved into a spontaneous ranking of desserts based on taste and presentation.  Congratulations to my work friends, Jill and Scott for their cookie tray.

It is tough to keeping guest engaged and interested after a few hours hanging out at the house.  Thank goodness we had a secret weapon –  SHIVA DOG.  My best friend Marla brought her dog Aria who is about 4 pounds of pure cuteness and was definitely a crowd favorite.  It seemed like people would come over ask how I was doing and then b-line to Shiva Dog.   She was a big hit as children and adults lined up to hold and pet her.  She became an instant star and already has a strong Twitter following.   I am her number 1 fan … shh don’t tell the pugs.

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