Girl Squad

One thing that I am very fortunate to have is an amazing supportive family and my crew of best friends.  When Robin passed away, my brother contacted my besties from around the country – Atlanta, Chicago and right here in Detroit.  They came immediately without any questions to help me through this ordeal.

There is something very comforting in having your pals with you, where you do not need to be strong, brave or put on a show.  In addition to the emotional help,  I was provided (someone who will remain nameless as this is incriminating)  a little something to take the edge off and her name was .25 Xanax.   So let’s just say I had 4 gals in my squad.

In the past, whenever I got anxious, nervous or stressed,  Robin had a way to calm me down which was insulting and endearing at the same time.  He would pat me on the shoulder and say … SETTLE.. SETTLE..   This was probably a better tactic for a dog, but it did help me relax.  Now, in the absence of Robin and due to the situation,  Debbie, Marla and Renee were in charge of making medical decisions for me and determining when it was time for a 1/2 of Xanax.  Marla carefully took each pill and split it in half and was in charge of dispensing the narcotics.  Who would have thought my drug dealer was a 4 foot 9, mother from the suburbs?   I am generally a gal that doesn’t like medication but in this case, she was my savior.

Having my friends around was such a help.  The first week is a bit of a blur but there were standout moments with them.  Marla strategically placed at the funeral with a tissue or a pill;  Debbie ensuring that I was eating and Renee with her vast network of friends, people and services to help us with any of my needs.  I am truly blessed to have my friends and I am not sure I would have made it without them.

After the funeral and Shiva were over, all the girls dispersed back home.  They still monitor me on a daily basis and make sure I am doing ok.  However, our fourth gal,  Xanax has really backed off.  She generally stays in the bottle next to my bed and is there just in case but lays low.. and that is a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Girl Squad

  1. our longtime friends are the best. they get us through our worst and best times with love and know just what we need. they are so important. I was so happy to hear that day that your friends were with you before nightfall. a precious gift of love.


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