Reality Set In – The Bills

There are some many emotions that flood into your head when you realize you will be moving forward alone.  The magnitude of life just felt too overwhelming.  I was left with a lot of physical and emotional overhead including a large house, three pugs and raising an entitled teenager.  I needed to figure out our expenses.

One of the areas that I am embarrassed to admit is that Robin handled all the bills and I knew nothing.  In the past, every few months, I would bring up to him that we needed to align on our financial strategy, bills, and passwords.  However I would never follow up because secretly I did not want to know.   Anyways when my worst fear came true,  I had to turn into a forensic scientist to figure out who, what and when we owed money.

I combed over past statements, went into his accounts using the reset password feature and overused the goodwill of my poor credit union manager.  She had politely offered “Is there anything I can do?”  I quickly took her up on  her offer with … as a matter of fact “yes,” could you help me set up my entire bill paying system on-line?   I sat with her for hours in her office with my pile of bills as she set up my automatic payments.  I am positive she really had thrown out an empty gesture but I was desperate and acted like a real schnorrer  (Yiddish term for mooch).  I really should send her a plant to thank her.

Ok… I have another true confession, I used the “I am a widow” card.  My bills seemed a little bloated and I needed to eliminate unnecessary spend.  I called utilities, cable, lawn and cars companies, you name it,  to negotiate and share my new situation.  It was true,  I had lost my husband but,  I may have overused it a little to get services cancelled or sympathy for a lower rate.  I did not feel too bad as I knew Robin would have thought it was funny.  I am happy to report that monthly expenses are trimmed down due to the above tactics and abandoning my  addiction to Nordstrom (currently in the 12 step program – my bad on that one)



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