Trying New Things

As part of my journey, I vowed to try new things to spice up my life. I am beginning by taking baby steps partly because this is out of my comfort zone and partly because I am  lazy and can’t deal with a lot of planning.

I did not know where to start so I turned to my secret weapon, Groupon. I had never really spent anytime on this site but I knew Robin used it a few times and bought obscure things we never used. As I swiped through, trying to get ideas, I decided to choose Zumba and Floatation Hydro Therapy.  It seemed like a good first step…

I had gone to a few Zumba classes before but it had been a couple of years so I was a little rusty.   I started my first adventure by stepping into a small studio and was greeted with a hug from my spunky Zumba instructor.  She owned the place and was from Brazil as were most of her clientele.   It seemed like she had a lot of regulars who were already quite familiar with one another – oh no, I am the new girl.  I wore baggy sweatpants cause I thought that was the closest to Zumba attire I had in my closet.  The music started and everyone kicked into the steps and it was extremely fast.  There was a lot of energy going on but  I could not understand one word she enthusiastically barked out at us.  She was super cute and could shake her moochachas.  I tried to shimmy and gyrate the best I could for a middle-aged Jewish white women.  As I continued to jump and shake, I started having issues with my pants.  They were slipping down which made me add my new move to her class,  the yank and pull.  Needless to say,  I burned a ton of calories and had a good time,  but need to work on my technique and outfit choice.

I went to my second class yesterday and did much better.  I wore tighter workout clothes and focused on shaking my groove thing.  I definitely was getting the hang of it and recognized some of the steps.  As we were coming to our last dance,  the instructor asked this older man to lead the routine and he rocked it.  This guy must have been in his late 60’s and he was pumping his arms,  leading all the steps and actually commanded the room.  Everyone was going nuts – truly a fun experience.   So my goal for this Zumba class is to easily move my hips front, back, left, right and actually look cute doing it.  Wish me luck!

The next new experience was floating in a hydro therapy tank.  It is supposed to help you with relaxation, joint issues and beauty (not sure what that meant but sure why not?)    At first when I signed up, it sounded cool but as I got closer to the experience, I started wondering if I was going to actually hate this one.  First of all, it is winter and the idea of hanging out in water did not sound great and I realized that I would be floating in a pod which closes.  I have gotten a little claustrophobic over the years did not seem like this was the greatest choice.  Anyways,  I showed up to my appointment and was greeted by an unenthusiastic teenager who was eating and doing her homework.  The lobby looked like a cheap nail salon where they have those bad pleather couches and a fish tank.  I was not getting the best vibes but I paid so I was going to do this one.

I entered a private room where I was instructed to take a shower and then go au natural into the floatation pod.  It looked like a large egg with purple light emerging.  The water was filled with Epsom salt which makes you automatically float.  She instructed me to hit the red button to indicate when I was ready to start the session and can’t remember what the green button was for (I would have thought the green was to start and red was to stop) who cares not material to the story.   The meditation music started and I began floating in warmish water.  I lowered the pod top so I would not get cold and it was actually relaxing.  You lose all sense of time, so after about 15ish minutes of meditating,  my mind started drifting to .. Oh gosh how long have I been in here?  how will I know when I should end (I did not may pay attention that well) ?  Is this clean? Am I going to catch something?  After what felt like an eternity, a voice instructed me that my session was ending.  I got out of the pod, feeling very slimy and went to take a shower.  Unfortunately, there was no hot water and I was freezing.  I ended up drying off, getting dressed with my black clothes covered in salt and my hair matted to my head and walked out.

I thought I would strike floating off my list forever however, when I went to work the next day, a colleague commented how amazing my skin looked and she asked what I did differently.  Then I received a nice call from the owner of the business to apologize for the cold shower.  Another client left her shower running and used up all the hot water.  He gave me another free session which I thought was pretty nice and smart of him.

Well I guess to sum up my two new experiences .. so far so good.  I am learning to move my hips and float to beautiful skin.  Not bad for a $50 investment.









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