Lindy, the pug

I don’t think 2019 can come soon enough for our family.  Unfortunately,  I had to put her down today due to complications with her gallbladder.  Even to the end,  she was a perfect little girl and will be missed by all of us.

Lindy was a funny little girl and definitely drew her boundaries.  She enjoyed together time but when she was tired,  she would go claim her spot on the couch, even if it meant pushing Laura or Ella out of the way.  She would growl a bit and the others would just move somewhere else.  Lindy also took upon herself to ram her head into our leg when she wanted a cookie.  If anyone was in the kitchen, you would feel an aggressive bump  that would not stop.  I would scold her but it was hard to resist the cutest face in the world.  She owned it and never backed away until she got what she wanted which was usually ALWAYS.

Lindy, Ella and Laura joined our family in 2014 when we adopted them in PA.  Robin always liked to rescue dogs and our three girls came as a package deal.  The pugs were inseparable and we thought who care as they were the equivalent of 1 medium size dog so we didn’t let the number get to us.  From the start Lindy was the easiest of the three and blended into our new family easily.  She was the first to sit for a cookie, go for a walk, wear ridiculous doggy clothes and give endless kisses to her daddy which grossed Isabelle and me out.  Robin would just sit back as she licked his face for what seemed like hours. I once asked him how he could take it?  Robin said he just zoned out because he knew Lindy enjoyed it so much.  What a mensch!!

When Robin died,  Lindy took it the hardest and her demeanor changed and she just seemed sad.  It broke my heart and I worried about her the most.  I spent a lot of time with her and wherever I went she followed (which normally happens too – but a little more than usual).  After a few weeks,  I felt encouraged when she began to lick my hand.  Even though I am not a big fan of kisses (unfortunately my girls have terrible breath),  I believed we hit a milestone and everything was going to be ok. 

I know I come off like the nutty pug lady but these girls have been great for Robin, Isabelle and me.  Having the girls in our house and looking into their button eyes was the purest form of love.  They needed us and we needed them.  They always made us laugh when you would talk to them and they would tilt their heads back and forth in unison.  You could not say the “C” word (cookie) in our house without pug mayhem emerging.  They traveled as a pack and would not go outside or take a walk unless all three were together.  I loved hearing the pitter patter of twelve little paws running on the tile floor.  It sounded like a little stampede charging for Rachel Ray sausage snack.

Although I am heartbroken and can’t believe that Lindy is gone too, it makes me wonder if she and Robin just needed to be together. All of this happened so fast and from out of the blue.  We always said in our family that each of us had our own pug.  Laura was mine, Ella was Isabelle’s and Lindy was Robin’s dog.  Lindy passed away almost 5 months to the date from Robin’s death.  

It brings me comfort and peace thinking that Robin and Lindy are hanging out on a couch and she is licking his face.  They were two peas in a pod and seemed like a natural pair.  Lindy was an exceptional pug  who had unrivaled smelly burps that would blow you out of the room.  She was part of my little trio and will be sorely missed.  Au Revoir Lindy – wishing you unlimited cookies and kisses in heaven.

3 thoughts on “Lindy, the pug

  1. I am so sorry, Rise, but glad to hear you are able to find some comfort in the thought of Robin and Lindy lounging together on a couch in the sky. 🙂 Sending love and lots of hugs to you both!

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  2. So sorry to have just learned about Lindy s passing !! I really enjoyed caring for those girls !! They were a special trio !! Sending hugs. Love Aunt Cara!!


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