Instant Pot Virgin

A few days after Robin passed away, his last order arrived at the house and it was a Instant Pot.  I could not believe he bought it since we were overloaded with similar gadgets such as a crock pot, pressure cooker and various other unused appliances.  It frustrated me when it showed up because it was just another thing I had to find space for in the kitchen.  I decided to shove the unopened box in the storage closet because it made me sad and I figured I would never use it.

For those who know me, I was not a gal who loved hanging out in the kitchen but over the last two years, I started to enjoy making vegetarian dishes.  Robin fostered my new found hobby and even bought me an indoor herb garden. I would try out new recipes and he always graciously ate everything and encouraged my exploration in the culinary arts even when the meal sucked.   However, when he died, I just stopped cooking.. the joy was lost and that was that.

This weekend,  I started getting more interested in cooking again and thought it would be nice if  I made a healthy meal.  Recently, I felt that I had not been living up to my mom responsibilities and I should once again reinforce or otherwise stated “impose” vegetables on my daughter who does not naturally lean that way.  In the last week,  I have been feeling stronger and more connected with Robin.  For whatever reason,  I was drawn to taking the Instant Pot for a spin.  The problem is that this contraption has such a buzz for fast meals but seemed so intimidating with the buttons and various cooking options.  The Instant Pot was a mystery to me because I really did not know how to use it or what it really did .  Although, with my try new things attitude,  it was time for me to take that box down off the shelf and check it out.

I found a recipe that seemed easy.. Mexican Corn Soup.  Well actually if I am being honest, it was my second choice, a last minute swap.  I was going to make vegan butter chicken which sounded tasty but,  could not find “soy curls” which was essential to the recipe.   In fairness, I had no idea what these curls were or what they looked like other than a picture found from a google search.  I called around and spoke with a clerk from Whole Foods, who also never heard of this product and tried to talk me into a another meat substitute which sounded high risk for this new recipe.  Let’s face it, this butter chicken dish was a wild card and could have easily gone the wrong way with or without the right ingredient.  I think the Corn Soup was the safer choice.  

Now that I knew what I wanted to make, I prepared by reading the Instant Pot manual which made no sense to me probably due to my A.D.D. or perhaps the boring content.  I then watched a few You Tube videos, but still seemed a little confused about some of the key features such as the knob that seals and release steam.  This was one of many important functions that I needed to be clear about.  But what the hell,  I followed my recipe and then called in a pro, my friend Kelley, to walk me through Instant Pot 101.  After several calls and encouragement that I would not blow the house up,  I successfully made a delicious vegetable soup with a kick.  Isabelle and I enjoyed a cozy dinner on the couch with the pugs… mission accomplished.

This sounds stupid but I feel that I have moved forward today and overcame a hurdle.  This Instant Pot represented a little bit of sadness, anger and loss.  I was proud of myself to grab it off the shelf and just deal with it and turn things around.  Robin made a good choice as it was super easy and opened up my interest in cooking again. Well what can I say,  I am no longer a Instant Pot Virgin.   It felt great, stimulating and empowering being with that pot.. AWH… I need a cigarette.. (ha ha just kidding) .. just had a kitchen orgasm.. baby steps..

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