I had been procrastinating for months to finish up the last bit of business I needed to attend to at the funeral home. I had to order Robin’s headstone and I was not looking forward to dredging up the sad memories associated with Dorfman Chapel. And if I were to be completely honest, I was not excited to once again open up my wallet and drop another $1,000. But with that being said, I found a window of time where I had the strength to take this on and thus drove over with a mission to just get the headstone done and over.

I met with Jonathan, The Funeral Director (he is really great – very nice to do business with by the way) and he respectfully took me through the ordering process. There were so many choices (who knew) including color, borders and various etching options. I looked at many examples and decided to follow my personal style mantra “less is more.” I chose light grey with a dark ebony border. It was a classic by all accounts, matched everything and would be a nice contrast to the grass (ha ha). I also chose contemporary font and an understated Jewish star to show between his date of birth and death. At this point I was halfway done – phew!

Now came the tricky part… WHAT TO SAY ON THE HEADSTONE? Robin is buried at Temple Beth-El Memorial Cemetery and the plaques lay flat and are not that big. Therefore, you do not have a lot of room to write much at all. Every example I saw in the sample catalog used the same standby language… beloved husband, father blah blah blah… The very boring go to slogans for headstones (I think there is a market here for someone who is creative and concise with words to disrupt this industry – just trying to offer up some business ideas)

Then I took a step back after my so called digression above and accepted that Robin’s headstone will never convey who he truly was to all of us. He was so much more than a few words. The truth is that whatever it said does not really matter. He is now eternal and not really at the cemetery for visitors to guess who he was during his short life. The important point is that Robin will forever be a part of our lives that we can reflect on through fond memories and be grateful we knew him. Who care what the headstone says? It is just a marker to find the plot and not really supposed to be the cliff notes to someone’s life. So with that being said, if you go to visit Robin sometime (stone not ready till May-ish). It will read: Robin Borr devoted husband, father, brother and son; April 4, 1966 – July 23, 2018 “Last Tap.” The unique addition comes from Isabelle to commemorate their ongoing game through life – where he and she would compete to be the last one to tag each other each night. I guess she has won by giving “The Last Tap” on his stone. Rest in Peace and know you are forever in my heart. Love you sweetie…

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