Whoops I did it again

Ok, I am the first one to admit that I may overuse the whole psychic medium thing.  But who can blame me? I have lost a lot of people in my life and believing I can connect with them brings me comfort.  There is one medium I think is outstanding and never disappoints and her name is Rebecca Rosen.  Robin and I learned about her probably 15 years ago and started attending her large audience readings.  It was amazing how accurate and specific she was when connecting to loved ones.  We never actually were lucky enough to get a reading at an event but it led to really interesting discussions with one another about our overall spiritual connection and that death did not mean you were necessarily gone.

Brandi was Robin’s sister and she passed away 11 years ago from breast cancer.  As Robin, she too was bigger than life.  She was a stand up comic who enjoyed blooming success in London and then Chicago.  I remember once my colleagues from work called me really late at night from one of Brandi’s stand-up show after realizing she was my sister.  They were kvelling (Yiddish term for gushing – isn’t that a great word?) about how funny Brandi was and it made me so happy.  Alright,  that actually has nothing to do with this blog but wanted to remember this outstanding gal who we lost way too soon as well. πŸ™‚

Brandi had been very strong with her fight against breast cancer however, the topic of dying just was not discussed while she was alive.  Needless to say, Robin did not really have closure with the whole situation.  So when Robin and I had a chance to score an individual reading with Rebecca Rosen by paying a very expensive fee for charity – we went for it. Rebecca immediately connected with Brandi and sent us comforting messages during the reading that Brandi was at peace. Rebecca also helped Robin connect with his grandfather and I was able to hear from my mom and dad. Walking away from that session, we had no doubt that this was the real deal. For more information on our experience, please see this old article. http://archive.vcstar.com/lifestyle/supernatural-chic-medium-rebecca-rosen-part-of-white-hot-trend-ep-369733778-350126681.html/

Over the last 10 years, Rebecca Rosen has become quite the celebrity and with that being said, impossible to see for an individual reading. So when she announced she was coming to the Detroit area for an audience reading – I was all in. I figured, Robin for sure will come through with her. I quickly bought tickets and invited Chris, one of Robin’s best friends to accompany me. I figured that if Robin would not be motivated by me alone, he would definitely shine thru for Brono (that is what he called Chris). Chris had come to these sessions before with Robin and he was definitely open and a believer. Chris shared with me that he and Robin talked about this topic a lot on their daily phone calls (I guess whenever they wanted to take a break from politics and sports – ha ha).

I also invited my friend Renee who follows Rebecca and too has experienced visits from her deceased father in law. She always is a big supporter and a frequent name in this blog. On the big night, we met for dinner before heading over to the show. I kept prepping Chris to be open on a higher level as I was spiritually using him to get to Robin. He laughed and said he has been used before but never spiritually (really great guy- so nice seeing him). When we approached the Berman Center, it was overwhelming to see the crowd Rebecca had attracted. Every Jew from the Metro Detroit Area was there (we like our psychics). The place was packed with over 600 people and from what I understand only a few working toilets as there was a water main break early that day. I decided to hold it in… I was not going to miss a minute of Rebecca.

Chris, Renee and I took our seats in the second row (I thought better seats – better connection). Rebecca came out and started the session with a group meditation to get the crowd on a frequency to connect with our loved ones. I told Chris to pay attention and focus on Robin and bring him forward. He struggled because he was stunned at how hot and skinny Rebecca was (by the way it was the same thing last time Robin and I went with him – ha ha). He was also amazed at how attractive and young the audience was for this reading. I nudged him and told him we had no time for these distractions… I needed him to channel Robin πŸ™‚ I was confident that Robin was going to connect with me. I had sensed he was with me that night, experiencing a tingling in my spine and stomach … I just knew….

Now, I have been to my fair share of Rebecca’s sessions and wanted to make sure that I did not come off over eager or desperate like some others inevitably do in these events. Rebecca says one word like “Leprechaun” for instance, and there are always a few people that jump up and say “it’s me” and then she has to politely tell them “no it is not for you.” Very humiliating each and every time that happens and I did not want to embarrass myself. Over the course of the next two hours, Rebecca ran around the room as spirits connected with her. There were some close calls for me such as.. at one point, she said Robin’s name and I waited for the next clue – which then would take her in another direction. She mentioned “who has lost their husband and brother?” I begin shyly raising my hand and then she ran off somewhere else. She mentioned “Hershey” and “who has their loved one’s watch on? Who has their hat?” (which I did) but it never seemed to work out.

One interesting story included Rebecca sharing that there was a red head funny spirit with her all day before the event started. No one claimed the loved one until close to the end. After a few other names were mentioned, this women with red hair stood up. She said that her aunt Charlotte Rae died in October, who was a comedian and actress. She was actually Edna Garrett the housemother on The Facts of Life. I loved that show and she did have red hair and was funny… Can’t make this sh-t up.

Anyways after several hours, I am sad to report that Robin did not come see me at the Berman Center in West Bloomfield with Rebecca Rosen. I think he tried but he couldn’t get in front of that bossy Charlotte (just kidding). Brono nudged me and said maybe Robin was a little shy, which was very sweet. All and all, it was still a lot of fun seeing Renee and Chris and experiencing people receive closure and comfort. Cue the music.. wa wa wa – nothing really to report 😦

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