Reinventing Passover

Every year my brother Marty and sister-in-law Marcy hosted Passover Dinner. This was their thing and we all looked forward to going, even knowing we would suffer in the end from digestive issues. Matzah is super binding and really throws off your natural flow. But it is a small sacrifice we made considering our people walked in the desert for 40 days and nights with unleavened bread. At least now, I have a toilet and reading material. 😬😬

Marty would lead the sedar and always try to put a creative twist on the night. Most of the time he would try to parallel the story of the Jews leaving Egypt with some current events in the world. He was well read, knowledgeable and always desiring to keep each Passover new and fresh. Marty loved family more than anything.. so lets just say, this was his big NIGHT to shine and he generally did not disappoint. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Robin who would provide funny commentary. He was witty and equally educated on history and current affairs. I loved his clever mind and sharp tongue. I would always try to pay attention and be somber in the moment but he would whip out a funny and I would pinch his leg trying to contain my laughter. Robin’s stomach was so predictable and as usual the heavy foods got to him a little too soon and I would smell something and instantly recognized my husband’s stench. 💩💩 He would gaze in another direction or if I caught his eye, he would say it was the dog. He grossed me out a lot but always gave me a look that I could not resist and I would fall in love with him all over again. ❤️

Fast forward to this year as the holiday was coming around the corner, most of the family had a feeling of dread. We had all taken a major hits in the last year: 2 husbands (brothers, fathers and son); 1 mother; 1 father; 1 father-like; 1 nephew, 1 uncle and 2 dogs. With that being said, we were committed to getting thru this holiday together even though there were a few less seats occupied around the table. I was really proud of Marcy (my sister in law) for hosting the holiday even though it brought up sad memories for her. We came together and kept it really casual as this was a sensitive time. The sedar was an abbreviated version from the past which to be honest, delighted most of us. It was nice just being together and laughing. The dinner was different than our traditional holidays, but that was ok.. it was even good. We were healing and creating a new normal and took a victory lap that not a tear was shed that evening. 👍

The following night, my other sister in law Sheryl and brother Shay hosted the second night sedar. Shay took the lead at the front of the table and tried to put his stamp on the meal. He taught us in a cliff note version, the history of Passover. I felt like I was watching the 10 Commandments again (great movie and tells the story in an entertaining and historical way). It was a fun night with good food and family. There was a lot of hanging out after the dinner and a real comfortable vibe. All and all, Passover was a great success and a relief.

Once again we made it through a tough time. I feel very blessed to have a great family who provides much support for one another. It was nice to keep the traditions alive and honor a holiday that was important to Marty. I know Robin is watching too and probably glad he was able to sit this one out. I am not sure this was his favorite meal. One thing I know is that my nose and our plunger were relieved to take the night off from what would have been a typical all nighter. There is always a silver lining … I guess …. 😛

Apologize for the over use of emojis – continue to find more features to entertain the crowd 🤗

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