Feeling Young and Feeling Old

My birthday is approaching and it got me thinking that I will officially be older than Robin as I make it to my next birthday (hopefully) 😬 It is a weird feeling as he was my elder by one month – ha ha. In the last year there is no doubt I have aged but , also at times (probably too many as I am quite immature) I feel very young. My wonderful life sways from one extreme to another. One my mind at any given moment, do I have enough money in my retirement? to uncontrollably laughing at a fart joke. It is always a wild ride on a daily basis as I personally entertain myself. πŸ›ΆI guess at this point you are interested in gaining a little peek behind the curtain of the bipolar feelings I experience within a 24 hour period.

Here is my list of the things that make me feel young (of course in no particular order). Online shopping, watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Orange Theory workouts, still reading Style magazine, taking CBT oil (and thinking I am doing something illegal – he he), having a younger daughter than most of my friends, enjoying being drunk, getting my news from TMZ, listening to podcasts and Hits 1, excited that the Jonas Brothers have recorded a new album, thinking Madonna needs to pack it up … 🧳🧳these are just a few examples.

Here is my list of getting old (of course in no particular order). Being a widow, gray hairs continuing to pop up, the need to wear comfortable/stretchy clothes, having been able to get a whole new set of Calphalon pots and pans free using the lifetime warranty clause, modifying exercises at Orange Theory cause I can’t do them, people at work continuing to ask me whats wrong and pointing out that I limp (I have arthritis in my big toe – ugh)πŸ™‰πŸ™‰ walking a dog in a stroller, having to pencil in my eyebrows for extra thickness, not eating food with tomatoes sauce after 7, looking forward to using my new waterpik before bed, my daughter rolling her eyes when I speak, forgetting if I took my thyroid medicine and then realizing I did and taking too much, catching myself in a short snore and wondering if I have sleep apnea… 🧐

Oh gosh my old list is a little longer than my young one. But honestly, there are times where I just can’t believe that I am a widow. It seems like something you deal with when you were in your 80’s. That is when you and your other widow lady friends go to the Gallery Restaurant every Friday night and split the white fish because the portions are too big🐟🐟. I just am not there yet, I still feel young and want to explore life some more… be curious, silly and fun. Although there are a few more gray hairs and a little forgetfulness, I definitely have the energy to want to beat the f-ck out of anyone that asks me if I am ok because they noticed I was limping… I still got it! πŸ‘Ί

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