Robin’s Unveiling Ceremony

Today was Robin’s unveiling ceremony. This is a service to remember him and reflect on the last year of being without him.

I wanted to make sure it was a casual and traditional service where our small group of friends and family could participate. Funny stories were shared including road rage incidents, disappointing customer service situations (Robin never stepped into a Meijers again as I banned him 😮) and an aborted stakeout and undercover operation gone awry😎.

It was a very special service despite the fact that I had to sneak all attendees through the back gate of the cemetery because I did not realize it was a Jewish holiday and it was technically closed.. Yikes, so we had the joint to ourselves 😛. Note to self – Shavuot is a serious holiday and one should check the calendar first before sending invites out and having guests from out of town book plan tickets – whoops!

Anyways, shout out to acting Rabbi Debbie, one of my best friends, who led the ceremony and did an amazing job. Also thanks to everyone who traveled in including Stacey, Marla, Bob, Shiva Dog, Debbie, Kevin, Doug, John, Magnes and cousins Ellie and Sussie. Additional thanks to Michele P for providing me “How to write an unveiling ceremony for dummies” and giving me a heads up about the holiday violation. Ok one more acknowledgment and thank you to Marcy, Sheryl, Suzanne and Bev who made sure the luncheon afterwards was very special.

As I was preparing for this service, I tried to find the right poem for the event but struggled to find something meaningful to convey what an impact Robin had on my life. I decided to write my own and was a little embarrassed to shared it. I mean my mommy used to compliment me on my poetry when I was little but I never felt I evolved my 4th grade writing style. Anyways, everyone suggested I put it out on my blog. I agreed because it reduces the need for me to develop new content on a Sunday night 🤗. To be honest, I am getting a little tapped out and lazy. This one year commitment to write a blog is starting to get old 🦄

Here is the famous poem -enjoy!!!


Although I stand at your grave knowing your body is buried here in the ground 

I am not lonely because I feel your love and presence with me and always around 

Our lives have changed and things are different without you physically being here 

Yet I have full trust that you guide us even though the next steps are not very clear 

It is much quieter in the house and you are missed each and every day

I miss the buzz of MSNBC on the television and your political dismay 

I miss the bickering and your need to outsmart me in any marital debate 

I miss coming downstairs to get you for bed because you stayed up too late

I miss your laugh and your daily recaps of what happened on the Howard Stern show

I miss waiting for you when we needed to leave the house and you were  always so slow

I miss how you threw your underwear on the floor next to the hamper just to tork me up   

I miss Lindy endlessly licking your face and you were patient because she was your pup

I miss how you would tell Isabelle that there is nothing she can do that you have not done or thought of doing before

I miss your love for all sports including the Cubs and the Bears and the excitement when they made a big score 

I miss how you were a dedicated dad and shared the love of basketball with our gal

I miss spending time with you and doing normal house stuff cause you were my pal

I miss your compassion, charm, smarts, sense of humor and quick wit

I miss you defending my honor and not letting anyone ever give me shit

I miss your loyalty to friends and family and being available to always help them out

I miss your way of reaching Isabelle when she was mad and in her typical teenager pout

I miss how you looked at me, built up my confidence and made me feel strong

I miss how you would forgive me and  let things slide even when I was wrong 

I miss how you loved my family and fit right in as another brother and part of our crew

I miss how you would be there for me when I was overwhelmed, stressed and blue  

I know that the universe had bigger plans for us and we will never quite comprehend 

But each day with you was a gift and my heart is healing and slowly on the mend

I am grateful for our time together and that you gave me Isabelle –  our legacy in this life 

So rest in peace my love and know it was an honor to carry your last name and be your wife

4 thoughts on “Robin’s Unveiling Ceremony

  1. Wow, I am so impressed Risa!!! What a beautiful tribute to Robin. Well done my friend!!!
    We are still in Chicago, our flight just got cancelled. I would have loved to be there!!

    Liked by 1 person

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