Isabelle Is Coming Home

For those who did not know, Isabelle took her first international trip and visited Bulgaria and Israel. She has been gone a month, exploring the world, making new friends and growing up. I am so excited to see her tomorrow and get more insight about her trip since her communication with me was limited yet my Verizon bill tells me a different story. I had a small heart attack when I saw the first invoice come in. Let’s just say it was more than my trip to PA. 😬😬

Before the trip, everyone was concerned and asked if I was going to be alright with Isabelle being gone a month. I was not worried at all about it since I wanted her to have an amazing time and my motto is “when she is happy so am I.” πŸ‘ The truth of the matter is the time away went fine as I had anticipated. I made a personal commitment to focus on myself and of course hang out with my favorite pugs in the world. 🐢🐢 I set some goals including working out more, eating better, purging junk out of the house and refocusing on work. And for the most part, I would say I achieved a solid B+ on my efforts. Oh well… πŸ†

It is so funny, I thought I would have a ton of time to take care of those nagging chores that you just never have time for .. and guess what? I still did not make time for them. πŸ™„So purging the closet is still on the list – πŸ‘šπŸ‘™πŸ‘—πŸ‘‘πŸ‘›…well there is always Christmas break. I also decided I would work out more frequently which I did – averaging about 4 times a week – ok not perfect but getting better. I decided that I needed to build my core and committed to do a plank everyday. πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈI had been reading Prevention magazine and thought I could handle this challenge. I started out with 30 seconds and have not moved up to a solid minute in a half. The only problem is my left shoulder hurts and sometimes feels numb – but definitely have seen an improvement in my stamina. πŸ€” I also see my 3 to 4 pack emerging – haha. As all of you know from a previous blog, I also decided to taking a short trip, which I did, to visit my friend Laura. For more information on that – see my post “Chickenless Soup For The Soul.” Oh and last but not least, I really dialed into my job, trying to pick up the pace, get my team on track and crank out an onboarding project. This is still a work in progress but making headway.

In any typical woman’s goals, it involved dropping a few pounds with better eating – especially from my garden. However, I can honestly say that I only ate 3 salads in the month. 🌿Actually to be specific, I had lettuce, chives, one green pepper (Erma – may she rest in peace) and a lot of dill. Timing is everything when you grow your own and I still did not get it right. The tomatoes should be ready in 2 weeks, just in time for the lettuce to end the season… should I say more? Now back to the point about losing weight. I did not so much, but I am proud to announce that Ella Borr – our pug is the one that ended up looking svelte. When we went to the vet several months ago, she topped the scale at 23 pounds and was wheezing which concerned me. I did not want her to have to go on a puppy C Pap Machine, so Lisa (friend and second dog mother) and I limited the cookies and started to increase the frequency of walks – and ta da…. she looks awesome. My healthy and hot puppy….. πŸ‘™

So upon reflection, it was a nice month where I was able to detach and chill. I do think being alone gave me time to think and comprehend all that has happened over the last year. I was so busy trying to survive and move forward since last July that I had not given myself quiet time to process and to be honest… be sad. 😒I think this was good for me and for Isabelle too… I hope she was able to think, absorb, connect and feel something special in Israel. I wanted this to be the trip of her life and maybe fill the void of not having Robin with us anymore. Also, riding a camel sounded pretty cool!!🐫

I am excited to see her and give her a big hug and a sloppy mommy kiss. πŸ’‹It will be great to see how she has changed and hear her insights after this huge adventure. I do know after exchanging a text a few days ago with her that she was ready to come home. She missed me, the pugs and our routine. It’s comforting knowing our boring little life together is still desired even when she is in the holiest land in the world. Boy, what a difference a year makes for us… I am feeling quite optimistic…πŸ₯³

2 thoughts on “Isabelle Is Coming Home

  1. beautiful progress, insights and growth. You are healing with each step forward. So happy for you. Keeping you in my thoughts. Take time to be proud of yourself.


  2. John and his family and I are looking forward to seeing Isabelle in Chicago in a couple of weeks. Glad she has had this awesome experience of growth and travel..


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