I Am Back…

So I had a nice break and decided that I missed everyone and needed to write again. ❤️ This time I am not going to hold myself to the same stringent writing schedule and keep this enjoyable for me and of course you too! 😎 I mean you can’t rush funny or overuse emojis right?? 😂🤣😂🤣

As I continue to grow and deal with challenges, my new one is that I am transitioning out of my job and will leave my company in a few weeks. It is scary and also liberating dependent, on the day, hour or moment it hits me. 🥳🥺🤗🤮 This time, I am going to move slow and figure out next steps and be thoughtful in my approach. Will I go back to the same type of professional role and play it safe or radically transform? I am not quite sure yet but everyone will be along for the ride. 🚗 I am actually kind of excited to let my journey unfold without a complete freak out (well maybe a little panic here and there – (nothing a vodka shot can’t subside)🥃

With my new impending freedom, the first step I took was to leverage my old go to which is – create a vision board. As you can see I am still heavily influenced by the years (BF WW – before Weight Watchers). It is really a good exercise to organize your hopes and dreams. You basically cut out pictures, phrases with a heavy usage of glitter and stickers to develop a collage. 💕 I imagine my board is not much different that any other soon to be unemployed women including getting into shape (a staple on every board I have seen), mindful eating, financial security, learning new things, health and wellness, fun and experiences, spirituality and of course love for Isabelle, the puppies and maybe someone new in my life. (well you never know?)☺️

I guess chapter 2.1 of my life is about to begin. I figure I have been through much worse that this should be alright. I must say I have been having a lot of fun as I start to live the life of leisure. Some activities so far… daily workouts, yoga, 🧘🏻‍♀️some lunches, exploring Detroit, long walks and deep discussions with the pugs, taking classes and sleeping in.. and of course now blogging. ✍🏻🙏🏻 This should be a good time and I hope Robin is with me in spirit as I embark on these next steps. ☀️

4 thoughts on “I Am Back…

  1. So glad you are back. I love your blog (which you need to turn into a book!) Great therapy for you and very inspirational for us. Love you bunches. You are my hero!❤️

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  2. Love that you’re back – maybe the 2.1 adventure for the blog could TedTalks! So glad you’re planning to take the time to discover and forge the path you want. Whichever direction you take – you’re going to rock it. ❤️

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  3. So glad you’re back at it, Rise! Look forward to sharing our adventures as we both move forward in new chapters. Lots of love. ❤


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