Bye Bye 2020…

I am sitting here trying to figure out what I can write and beat my personally imposed deadline of a monthly blog. It is New Year’s Eve, and I am at a lose for words. I was so excited for 2020 because it marked some significant milestones including Isabelle’s high school graduation and beginning college.👩🏻‍🎓 I remember when she was a baby and trying to envision who she would be in the future.🧐 It felt so Space Odyssey – Out There and today we are about to say goodbye to this year, and I do not think there is anyone on the planet who is sad to see 2020 go.👎🏻 The year started out with a lot of promise and quickly turned into a really big sh-t storm. 💩💩💩 Who would have thought this will be the year that will probably go down in history? I remember learning about Polio, Scarlet Fever, and the Bubonic Plague – it was unimaginable that this could happen today and voila… here we are. 🙌🏻 I have a newfound respect for old people who can remember significant history points with such detail. If I am so lucky to live to be 100+, I will have no recall because this year was a complete blur. 😷 There are months that blew by and I could not tell you with any specificity what happened.🤔 As a matter of fact, I had to check my phone several times today to remember what the day was… in case you care… it is Thursday.👻

Anyways, I want to keep this upbeat and believe it is important to point out that many good things happened this year and I definitely need to acknowledge my gratitude for the gifts of 2020.

  1. Time with Isabelle – not that she would agree this is a positive aspect. One of the areas of deep regret was that when she was growing up – I worked too much and could have been more present. I was angry at myself for the time I lost. Now I feel we have rectified this regret to the point that she is ready to run out of the house – DONE– had enough of mommy. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️It was fun while it lasted as she will be moving on campus next month and one already setting the stage that she will see me at the end of the semester. Not interested in visits from me – she disguises it as not wanting to put me at risk with the virus – but mommy KNOWS.😘 It is ok …she did a lot better than I would have in her situation. Be free baby bird … fly>>>🐥🐣🦅
  • Freshman Experience – I was able to kind of relive my college days and attend classes sort of. What I really mean is that I eavesdrop pretending to clean the kitchen (no I was) and also learn new things. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Isabelle’s course work revolves around social justice, history, and topics truly relevant for today’s time. I learned and gained an open perspective based on these courses. I even was able to tell the professor in front of the class how much I enjoyed the semester. In reality I did not realize the camera was on and the everyone saw me dance by and I had to immediately go into damage control… I think I played it off… wait not sure?🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Cooking – I never in the past understood the interest and appeal of hanging out in the kitchen, cutting vegetables, and then cleaning up a big mess. 🥣🥄🍴🥢🍳Since the pandemic, I get it now. I enjoy the creative process of developing yummy meals. I am so brilliant that I almost prefer what I make over restaurants. Wow … that is a big statement. One disclaimer – I leave Indian food to the pros. Other than that,… I have really expanded my culinary experiences and I like it. Watch out coming to a Food Channel near you… Streamline Kitchen with Risa… I am a wiz at using as few of pans and making the least amount of mess as possible. I think I am on to something…👩🏻‍🍳
  • The Girls – With the onset of the pandemic, everyone and their brother adopted dogs and gained a piece of magic that I have known for years. I love Ella and Laura and they have been the best little companions through a year of uncertainty. The daily walks, evening snuggles and general annoyance of their whining for cookies made things seem like everything was going to work out. As I write this blog, they are sacked out on the couch and snoring… ooh I feel the need for a short break to squeeze two pugs – the best. Ok, I am back – that was totally fulfilling.🐶🐶❤️
  • Nature – Mother nature absolutely thrived as the world slowed down. Nothing is better than taking a run and hearing the birds chirp, leaves on the trees rustle, quietness and clean air. 🌸🌳☀️It felt like we went back to basics as I passed people taking walks with their families and just being aligned with the outdoors. I never saw so many animals and birds together – it was like they got the memo it was safe to come back out and enjoy. I hope this does not change once the world gets back to its crazy busy self again.🌼🌍
  • Slippers – I just love staying at home and wearing whatever combination I choose that day. The other day, I was daydreaming about fuzzy slippers and debating if I should expand my collection.🧸 Only in 2020 could that have happened. Equipped with my new wardrobe of velour, sherpa, multiple slippers and anything stretchy – I am in heaven, it is so nice. Last week, I had to actually go to a real meeting in person and it felt weird to slip into trousers and a jacket. I think I am going to have to charge a premium on my hourly rate when I have to get dressed – I am just saying… high heel pumps I do not miss you at all.👠❌
  • Strength/Resilience – Although our lives were hampered quite a bit, I am marching out of this year feeling stronger and having the confidence that Isabelle and I can weather pretty much anything thrown at us. 💪🏻 It takes a lot of discipline to just stay home and hold a high bar to keep the community safe. We had to sacrifice including cancelling an amazing trip to CA, forgoing family dinners/holidays etc.… because it was the right and safe thing to do. I am not going to lie; I am a bit sick of all of this but proud that we made lemonade out of lemons.🍋 We turned a room in the house into a gym, creatively started a business in a virtual environment and created memorable and positive moments at home. 👩‍👦❤️
  • Health/Safety – I am very thankful that my family, friends, and community were able to stay relatively safe. In a year where we lost a substantial number of lives (too many) and watching people struggling just to stay afloat, this blessing is not lost on me. I am disappointed that politics got in the way and we are a nation so divided when all we needed to do was come together for each other. With that being said, I also witnessed great acts of kindness and a new state of innovation and creativity. In the end, I wish all those who were not as fortunate as me a path forward with much love, peace, health, hope and a stimulus check.✌🏻🌈💵💰

I guess 2020 did not work out as we all had envisioned but I always think it is important to recognize the silver lining and look for the positive. It was a year of self-reflection and a call for us to slow down and get back to our true center. I believe many of us listened and are all the better for it. Wishing everyone an incredibly happy and healthy New Year. May 2021 be full of freedom, tolerance, health, community, and economic balance. Peace and 💕

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